Channeling, Medium-ship & Healing w/ COCO & Stacey

Surrounded by white light, and access to anything your soul needs to know. Coco & Stacey can relay information to help you cope, heal, grow, & show you how to make the switch to overcoming & becoming YOU. It’s not easy to explain, but easier to be experienced & shown just how these messages are so clear & perfect for your journey & you. It’s not scary, maybe it seems weird, but in all reality it’s just messages meant for you in regards to any specific questions or allow what needs to come through relating to all areas of your life health/career/romance/family/life purpose whether it be a loved one past, a guide, or something you don’t even know. A medium yes. A channel yes. But more than that, this is experience with a Divine team both Coco and Stacey the two lights who will guide you to the greatest life and version of yourself healing any traumas or blocks preventing you from doing so. This is a conversation with your soul and the soul of anyone you wish to speak directly too. To learn more about Coco & Stacey visit the TRIBE page.

Requirement: A session with Coco & Stacey is not to be taken lightly. This isn't just an experience of channeling the departed, in which some mediums chose this purpose ours is much different. The gifts that the Two Lights have are meant for those truly ready to heal and move forward on their awakened journey. Therefore, in order to arrive at this place we must make sure that you are understanding, ready, and open to receive this magnitude of a life changing gift. Through our journey we know not everyone is at this stage of their life. Therefore, we have created a protocol to insure the gentlest process for all involved.  To learn more click the BOOK button below. 

Investment into your health & wellness: 

1 hour Session Online - $150.00 / 90 Minute Session Online - $180.00